Housing policy and your rights

Your rights

Your rights to information

You have the right to see your personal records in accordance with the Access to Personal Files (Housing) Regulations 1989. You also have the right to see computerised information, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, but we may charge a fee for this.

Your rights as a council tenant

If you would like more advice about your rights as a secure or introductory tenant, you should contact your managing agent or any of the following organisations:

Consultation - express your views

If you are a secure tenant or an introductory tenant, we will seek your views on housing management matters and on any proposals for changing the conditions of your tenancy except for changes in the amounts of rent, water, sewerage and all other charges. Full details of our consultation arrangements are available from your managing agent.

How to complain

If we do not meet our responsibilities under these tenancy conditions, you can do the following: