Housing and equalities

We are fully committed to equality in the provision of our services and in our role as an employer and meeting our obligations under equalities legislation. We ensure that services and employment opportunities are accessible to all.

Housing Service Standards

Our Housing Service Standards include standards in relation to equal opportunity and service delivery, which compliment our policies on equality.

They give information on the service you can expect as a tenant, leaseholder or housing applicant. They also tell you what the housing and community services department monitors and reports performance on to make sure we are meeting the standards. 

Equalities Analysis

To ensure we are providing services on an equitable basis to all sections of the community, regular monitoring reports are submitted to the department's Equalities Working Group (EWG), which consists of a group of senior officers in the department and is chaired by the Director of Housing and Community Services.

Monitoring reports include the ethnic origin and gender of people accessing housing advice, homelessness, temporary accommodation services, applicants on the Council’s housing queues and applicants granted a tenancy. We also produce an annual monitoring report on the resident profile of our tenants.

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Annual Quality Performance Reviews

Information on the department's performance in relation to equality is included in the Annual Quality Performance Review (AQPR). This report is presented to the Housing and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee annually.

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