Enforcement policy

The enforcement policy lays out the procedure that businesses and others being regulated can expect our officers to follow when they carry out their enforcement functions. It lays out the process that we must adhere to in deciding what action to take when undertaking their statutory duties to ensure that they act in an equitable, practical and consistent manner.

Please note that the policy and the commitments set out in it, only apply to legislation enforced by us Other council services may have their own policies and procedures in respect of enforcement action. For further details of the areas covered contact 020 8871 6127.

The full policy document is available in the related downloads area or you can request a copy by calling 0208 871 6127.

We welcome your comments on the enforcement policy and invite you to email us at: esd@wandsworth.gov.uk

The policy was approved by the Environment Committee in June 2008.
The Council is a signatory to the Enforcement Concordat and the Environmental Services Division's Enforcement Policy incorporates the principles contained within the Concordat.