Housing and Community Services Department

Housing Strategy and Development Division

Housing Strategy and Resources Division’s responsibilities include development of the council’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy and taking the lead in supporting the Nine Elms and Vauxhall Opportunity Area regeneration in respect of delivery of affordable housing and social infrastructure ensuring that there are sufficient school places and health facilities for this new quarter of London.

This Division also includes the Home Ownership Team who promote a variety of national and local initiatives that provide opportunities for local residents to purchase low-cost homeownership housing.

Housing Management

All council rented and leasehold homes are managed by the management division.  Some homes are directly managed by a residential management organisation (RMO) where residents have formed an organisation to manage their own properties. Estate managers in the Area Housing Teams are the first point of contact for most enquiries and they are responsible for most tenancy and leasehold matters. Housing Management also has responsibility for the Housing Technical and Programming Team, which oversees the full and comprehensive monitoring and implementation of the department’s Capital and Major External Decorations programme. 

Housing Services

Housing Services provide a range of legal and other services broadly aimed at customers and applicants for housing who are not (yet) tenants of the council.  The service comprises Housing Options and Assessment, Rehousing, Procurement and Adaptations and Housing Property and Operations which provides the department’s frontline reception at Garratt Lane.

Parking, Road Safety and Highway Infrastructure Section

This section comprises four areas broadly dealing with parking policy and consultation, parking enforcement, highway licenses and road safety. The Parking Enforcement team has responsibility for monitoring the activities of the contracted parking enforcement, vehicle removal, pay and display machine maintenance and cash collection contracts.

This division is also responsible for street cleansing, refuse and recycling collections, street trading, dog control and public conveniences, many of which are operated by external contractors.

Business Support, Finance and Programming

The Business Support Team provides support to the Director of Housing and Community Services.  The Housing Technical and Programming Team is responsible for the full and comprehensive monitoring and implementation of the department’s Capital and Major External Decorations programme. The Finance Team provides financial management and monitoring services for the whole department.

Leisure and Culture

Leisure and Culture Division is currently operating in a shadow format of a Staff Mutual which will be largely based on the current Leisure and Culture Division.  The division has completed its service specification and is being supported by the Cabinet Office’s Mutual Support Team.  The division comprises Parks Services; Bereavement Services, Leisure and Sport Services, Arts Service, Filming and Events Service and Putney School of Art and Design.

Operational Services

Operational Services provide a wide range of services to council departments and other organisations. It acts as the council's consultant and contractor on highways work including winter gritting; provides a competitive quality building maintenance services for both internal and external clients; and is the council’s term contractor for the Education and Social Services Department for the provision of special needs transport services.  Officers and operatives are also available on a 24/7 basis to respond to any level of emergency such as collapsed building or a major gas leak.

Planning and Development Service

The service is responsible for the promotion and management of development and building work in the borough, spatial policy formulation, transportation policy and projects and for conservation and improvement of the environment.

Waste Services

The Service discharges the council’s duties as a Waste Collection Authority (WCA) under Section 45 of the Environmental Protection  Act 1990 and as a Principal Litter Authority under Section 89.

It manages the council’s street cleansing, refuse collection and recycling services and controls the disposal of all borough-generated municipal waste through the Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA).