Moving in or out of Wandsworth

Change of address

We can send future letters to the right place if we have your new address. Allow up to 14 working days for a response.

Moving into Wandsworth

If you are moving into Wandsworth - welcome! You can let us know your new address by completing the moving into Wandsworth form.

Moving within or out of Wandsworth

If you have already registered for our online council tax account service, then why not use this service to tell us you are moving, as many of your details will already be filled in saving you time.

Let us know if you are moving within or out of the borough. This is to make sure you stop getting bills for services you no longer receive.

It can also smooth the path for the incoming resident.

Electoral roll

It's a good idea to register immediately on the electoral roll for your new local authority once you have moved. This will ensure that your name is removed from the Wandsworth register.

Moving overseas

Find out about keeping your vote if you move abroad.