Open4Business: April 2017

Digital bus comes to Wandsworth

The Do it Digital Bus came to Wandsworth – the only stop in London - last month as part of a national roadshow to get local SMEs digitally engaged.

Do It Digital is a not-for-profit campaign that aims to help small, independent businesses around the UK make the most of the advantages of being online. Local businesses that visited the bus, took part in workshops on email marketing, customer loyalty and creating a social media strategy – where the facilitator. Local charity Children of Mekkong, won a digital makeover, which they received on-board the bus with experts.

Do It Digital Director, Michelle Ovens says: “The Do It Digital campaign is not only about helping the digitally un-engaged take their first steps online but also helping those already online to expand their digital horizons. Digital engagement is crucial for all aspects of business, from marketing and recruitment to banking and accounting, and is only likely to become more so. Digital engagement will become increasingly central to the development of competitive, profitable and growing businesses.

Shaz Wahab, a local business owner said: “I attended Jason Allan Scott’s workshop on social media. His word-for-word break down of Eminem's rap in the film 8 Mile, demonstrated the importance of likes, shares and followers. His tips were fantastic. Please do more sessions like this in the future!”

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