Open4Business May 2019

Expert’s corner: How an executive coach can help you energise your business

During changing and challenging times, small businesses often face uncertainty and ambiguity which can influence staff morale and engagement and business success.

Some of the benefits of working with a coach include:

  1. Clarity about goals and strengths and potential blocks to achieving goals identified
  2. Increased motivation and know-how to stay motivated
  3. Increased resourcefulness and resilience, so being able to respond effectively to change
  4. Increased self-awareness improving the ability to relate to and influence others
  5. Improved sense of health and wellbeing

The tools models and techniques applied in coaching, once practiced, enable you to self-coach yourself. Which means you can continue to improve your personal and professional development throughout your life.

Expect the unexpected

Expectations not met: Recall when life has delivered you a curveball and consider how you adapted to the situation, how you overcame things, and think about the unexpected benefits you accrued. Acknowledging previous experiences, you have managed will enable you to overcome setbacks more quickly, develop resilience and produce greater results.

Broaden the picture

To avoid self-blame or indeed if you find yourself entirely blaming others next time you face a problem, write down all the issues and individuals involved and then represent these in a pie chart. Doing this will illustrate to you everyone's responsibility for what has happened, including yourself.


Feeling conflicted about a situation or event? A cost benefit analysis is a useful technique when making complex or emotive decisions. Weighing up the benefits and impact costs to you (the pros and cons) will help you make a more informed choice about what to do.


Often, not only can we be our own worst critics, we can ignore the things we achieve on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Set aside some time to reflect on the things you have accomplished so far this year and, no matter how small celebrate your success.

Sense of calm

Feeling grounded is essential to performing at your best: Choose one word you find relaxing or pick one image detailed enough to evoke serenity or happiness. Repeating the word, you find calming, or remembering a visual from your past which reminds you of joy can be useful in combating stress-provoking situations.

Angie Alderman is an Accredited Executive Coach based in Wandsworth working within organisations and with small businesses.

To schedule a free consultation or to find out how Angie can help your business, email or call 07500 260 128.