Open4Business May 2019

Outdoor advertising opportunities for local businesses

The council’s EDO department is offering local businesses wanting to promote their brand the opportunity to advertise on billboards located in Battersea and Tooting.

Billboard advertising is popular with both local companies promoting goods, local services and events and are a cost-effective way for brands to market their products to a wider audience. This form of advertising makes an instant impression, can help get your message across in seconds and help you to reach broader audiences.

The two available boards are located in high footfall areas.

Board 1: Southbound A24, Upper Tooting Road

Size 48 sheet. The car count for this stretch of the A24 is approximately 22,268 vehicles daily (DfT).

Board 2: Lavender Hill

Lavender Hill faces westbound traffic on the A306 approaching the Clapham shopping area and Clapham Junction. The road has an approximate daily car count of 23800 (DfT). Prices start from £160 per week + VAT (production is additional).

For further information email