Open4Business September 2017

Two ways branding can help to build your small business

If you think branding is just for big companies, perhaps it’s time to think again.

Branding may not be for you if you’re selling a commodity product or service. However, it must be on your agenda if your business adds value for customers.

Remember, every big brand first started as a small business. Here are 2 key ways you can use branding to power up your business.

1. Be recognised

It’s vital your target clients get to know your business and how you serve them.

This means making choices about where you promote your products and services. It could be through a mix of networking, trade shows, social media and advertising.

Once you’ve made the choice of the best channels to reach prospective clients, your branding helps make an impact in a crowded market.

Use your unique combination of brand identity assets to stand out and gain recognition for what you want to be known for. Your brand identity assets include much more than the logo:

  • Brand name and strapline
  • Brand colours and shapes
  • Logo and icon
  • Brand style and imagery
  • Brand voice and tone

2. Be remembered

As your business gains recognition amongst your prospective clients, you’ll want to power up a notch so they remember your brand.

Building your memorable brand requires both time and consistency. As Richard Branson said ‘There are no quick wins in business - it takes years to become an overnight success.’

Showing up consistently reinforces awareness of your products and services and what makes your brand different.

Consider which aspects of your branding help people remember your business (for all the right reasons, of course).

  • Your brand style - like Vogue?
  • Sense of humour - like Specsavers?
  • Colours – like Tiffany?
  • Brand attitude – like Nike?

This is why people say ‘your brand is more than your logo’.

What you can do

The power of branding is open to all sizes and types of business.

It requires thinking time, attention and investment to nurture and evolve your brand as part of your business goals.

Be creative. Imagine your brand is a person and spark your inspiration.

Act big. Think big.

After all it’s your brand and your responsibility to own it and grow it.

Lynne Stainthorpe is a Strategic Branding Consultant at Big Idea Brand Marketing.

She has worked on B2B and B2C branding for Unilever, Beecham and Dulux. She has also worked with brands such as Benetton, B&Q, The Royal Parks and Tate.

There are three ways to work with Lynne - consultation, workshop or project. For more information visit her website or contact her: