Retail Needs Assessment

Retail Needs Assessment (2008)

Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners (NLP) were commissioned to carry out an assessment of future retail needs in the Borough for the period up to 2020, including whether there is a need for, and impact of, new retail floorspace in the areas where new development is forecast in the north-east Battersea/Nine Elms area.

Updated 2012 report

An update of this Retail Needs Assessment report (2008) as been carried out to inform the first review of the Local Plan, and will cover the timeframe 2014/15 - 2028/29.

It takes into account new national policy in the NPPF and refines at the local level the strategic retail needs assessments quoted in the London Plan 2011.

The 2012 study includes an updated analysis of the potential for new retail floorspace, including in the Nine Elms area taking into account revised capacity and need figures, extant permissions and the potential Central Activities Zone (CAZ) designations.

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The Retail Needs Assessment report and the updated 2012 report form part of the evidence base for emerging policies in Local Plan documents.