Domestic parking bay suspensions

In certain circumstances parking spaces may be suspended by the Council or the Police to allow for things such as:

  • Building works
  • Domestic removals
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Special events (The Boat Race, Wimbledon Tennis)
  • Crane operations
  • Filming
  • Road works
  • Mobile workshops
  • Access to sites (subject to the council's approval)
Read the following information before completing and submitting your application.

Parking in areas where there are no parking restrictions

We are unable to suspend parking in an area where there are no parking restrictions - except for funeral corteges (Hearse and Limousines only - limit applies, not private cars) or Special Events (limit applies subject to approval). Residents must make their own arrangements in all other circumstances (e.g. domestic removals); with the exception of any Highway Maintenance Works or Major Utility Works for which the appropriate permissions must be granted by the Authority.

Sundays and Bank Holidays

We cannot suspend parking on Sundays and Bank Holidays, unless it is for the purpose of a Special Event or Utility Works, for which appropriate permissions have been granted.

Charges and length (m) for Bay Suspensions

The current charge for a Parking Bay Suspension is £30.20 per five metre space (one car space) on the first day and £24.50 per five metre space each additional consecutive day.

Notice period/payment

For your application to be processed on time, warning notices to be given to other residents, all initial applications and payments must be received a minimum of five clear working days before you need the suspension to start.

The day of submission is not included in the notice period irrespective of whether it is received prior to midday. The office hours are Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm. We do not count bank and public holidays or Saturday and Sundays as notification days, so you should take these into account when arranging a suspension. In most cases a charge will be made for this service.

We are unable to process applications that are received without giving the five working days notice.

A suspension cannot be granted unless full payment has been received in advance.

Make a suspension request

You can:

The completed form can also be sent by fax to 020 8871 8399 or by post to:

Wandsworth Council
PO Box 56518
SW18 9BS

Submission of this form is not an agreement that the suspension will be agreed.

Refund charges for cancellation/alteration of a bay suspension request

Refunds for Suspensions, Special Temporary Waiting Prohibitions and Yellow Line Waivers if cancelled or altered will incur an administration charge of £10.90 if the Suspension is cancelled by the applicant or their representative prior to the signs being erected and £16.10 after the signs have been erected.

The refund of the bay suspension fees will apply for additional days only and will normally be calculated pro rata from the period from when the signs are removed one working day following notification of the cancellation or alteration less administration costs above. First day charge will not be refunded.  

If there is a problem with your application, a member of the Suspension Team will contact you to discuss the matter. 

Lorries and trailers

HGV Lorries with an unladen weight of 5 tonnes or more are not allowed to park in residential areas overnight from 6.30pm to 8am the next day.

Trailers are not allowed to park in bays unless they are attached to a vehicle and permission has been granted by the council.

Once your application is approved

Once processed, we will send you written confirmation showing the date and location of the bay suspension and a payment receipt. 

Contact The Bay Suspensions Team

Telephone:  020 8871 8871 (choose option 4 then option 1)
Fax:  020 8871 8399

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