Learning Disabilities Clinical Referencing Group

As part of Valuing People, each local council has a Partnership Board to make sure that things get better for people with learning disabilities. Our Board meets regularly. We talk about opportunities and support for people with learning disabilities, so that everybody knows what's going on. We agree what we will do to make improvements.

Who is on our board?

Lots of different people get involved because the Board looks at everything people want in their lives. Members include:

  • people with learning disabilities
  • family carers
  • people who are responsible for local services
  • people who provide housing
  • people who provide health and care services
  • people who provide leisure and entertainment
  • people who can help you with education and training
  • people who help you get a job
  • local organisations and groups that help you have your say.

Get involved

If you would like to find out more about how people with learning disabilities can get involved please contact Jason Edgington.

Tel: 020 8672 1213
Email: ldproject@wandcareall.org.uk