Adults' Market Position Statement

The Council commission social care and support services from many different organisations. It is essential that the services provided by these providers of care and support meet the needs of the people in our borough and are in alignment with our strategic objectives. 

What is a Market Position Statement? 

The market position statement summarises demand, supply and our commissioning intentions so that we can support current and potential providers to develop the right services to meet the needs of local residents.

This document is our statement about the current state of the social care market in Wandsworth. Its purpose is to start a conversation about the current care and support market and how we see it developing in the future. We want to improve the information available to providers. We believe that working in partnership with providers and people who use services is the only way we can ensure Wandsworth has a range of quality services which enables real benefit for service users. 

The Market Position Statement will be published, reviewed and updated regularly and we intend to provide a solid foundation for sustained change and improvement.