Get information your way

Different formats

You can request care and support advice in a format that suits you and helps you understand. These can be provided in different formats:

  • Easy read is an accessible format developed for people with learning disabilities. Easy read documents use simple language and pictures to help communicate effectively.
  • Braille is a form of embossed, written language developed for people with sight loss.
  • Large print may be useful to you if you struggle to read smaller, normal-sized print. If you need documents in a larger print, you should specify the best font size for you if possible.
  • Audio is another great alternative for people with sight impairments.
  • Minicom/Textphone is a way of communicating via the phone using text.
  • Email - many people may already have equipment that enables them to email messages and this may be best for you.

You are not limited to these formats. Let us know your communication needs and we will ensure we meet them.


It is also possible for information to be translated into another language if English is not your first language. We can provide interpreters for different languages and for British Sign Language.

If English is not your first language

We can provide:

  • translation service that covers face-to-face and telephone interpreting.
  • written translations for customers who cannot speak, understand or read English and have difficulty accessing information and services.

British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter

We can provide a BSL interpreter. Due to a national shortage of sign language interpreters, it could take up to two weeks.

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