Reports, consultations and plans

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Commissioning plan

This Commissioning Plan sets out Wandsworth Borough Council's strategic intentions for the commissioning of services for older people in Wandsworth. It supports the implementation of 'Transforming Social Care' recognising the importance and value of personalised services and how these will be delivered through enabling a market that can offer real choices to older people whether from residential support, day services and homecare or through the signposting to activities that improve their quality of life and independence.

The plan provides a framework for a consistent approach to planning and commissioning so that services are designed and delivered according to identified needs, priorities and desired outcomes for service users within available resources.

Business plan

This business plan sets out the vision, direction of travel and the strategic priorities for the next three years for adult social care in Wandsworth. The intention is to become one of the best performing departments in the country through a three-year transformation programme that will put service users at the heart of every aspect of our business.

At the heart of the programme will be the principle that service users are, in the main, the best judges of their needs and their opinions and feedback will be vital in our evaluation of our performance. For those unable to make their own choices and express opinions we will ensure they receive the same standards of service as others and will ensure access to appropriate advocacy arrangements.