Help using the Adult Care Information Service

Search result pages

Depending on the search criteria and the filters you used in your search, results will be listed in a summary format.

Summary results are listed on the page (7). You can click on the heading for each entry to view the individual record we hold for the service.

A search results page


Results can be narrowed or filtered based on several criteria (8). These are:

  • Location (9): these are specified in a postcode format
  • Client group (10): these services grouped around categories within the system
  • Key words (11)

Queries with more than 10 results

A results page will show a maximum of 10 results per page.

If there are more than 10 results for your query, numbers will appear at the bottom of the page (depending on the total size of the result set), to allow you to view the next page of results.

You can either navigate through the results pages using the numbers or use the 'Previous' and 'Next' links.

Paginated search results


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