Help using the Adult Care Information Service

Search options

The Adult Care Information Services (ACIS) system provides a number of ways to search for services and care options.

The main features of Adult Care information search

These are:

Free text search (1): enter a search term or phrase for example 'care' or support groups'. If you know the name of the service you can enter this. It does not matter if you enter the term in upper or lower case, but you cannot ask Google like questions: for examples 'Day services in Wandsworth' will return an unpredictable result. In this case refining your search using the other search options would provide a better result.   

Client group (2): you can select from the drop-down list services grouped around categories within the system. This option will work on its own or combined with other criteria.

Postcode (3): Enter the postcode in a standard postcode format, for example SW18 2PU. Your results will be best if you use a local (Wandsworth) post code.

Within (4): This allows you to specify the distance (in miles) out from the postcode you enter. For this option to be useful you need to use the postcode search facility.

Combined searches

The ACIS search allows you to search on combined search criteria to filter your search results.

For example, finding care homes within 3 miles of the post code SW18 2PU is demonstrated in the following screen shot.

Combined search results using several criteria

Popular Searches

Near the top of the search screen is the 'Popular searches' facility (5). This lists the terms or phrases that have been entered by other users of the search.


The ACIS search allows you to browse for services via categories. The are shown by the 10 icons on the search page (6). There are 10 categories for services:

Each of these categories contains more specific information grouped around services. Use the services links to find the entries relevant to the service.


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