Cycle training and skills

Free Dr Bike safety checks and bicycle security marking

Dr Bike will check that your bicycle is in good working order. He can make minor repairs and adjustments. If Dr Bike believes your bike requires more than basic repairs, you will need to visit a specialist bike shop.

Metropolitan Police Officers will mark your bicycle with a unique serial number. That number and your contact details will be entered into a Police database. If your bicycle is stolen and the Police recover it they will be able to return it to you. Bicycles that have been security marked are less attractive to thieves.

We will be in attendance to offer advice, local cycling maps, and cycling giveaways.

We do not have any sessions scheduled at this time. Contact us to join our cycling emailing list and to be notified when new sessions are scheduled.

The Wandsworth Safer Transport Team (Met Police) hold their own bicycle security marking sessions. View their upcoming cycle marking events (Bike Register website).

The Met Police's Cycle Task Force also offer security marking at their Heavy Goods Vehicle awareness events. View their exchanging places events (Cycle Alert website).