Housing benefit overpayment

You can repay overpaid Housing Benefit through:

  • Weekly deductions from your weekly benefit entitlement.
  • Invoice and arrangement from our benefit recovery team.

Weekly deductions

If you are still entitled to benefit we will recover your overpayment from your weekly entitlement by deducting an amount per week from your benefit. The basic amount we will deduct is £11.10 for 2016/2017. You will need to increase the amount you pay your landlord by this amount.


If you are sent an invoice for an overpayment you will need to pay this back. Pay using one of the following options.

Online and telephone payments

Monthly plan

Contact us to discuss repaying your overpayment on a monthly instalment plan:

Cheques and postal orders

These should be made payable to Wandsworth Council.

Ensure you write your name, address and invoice number on the reverse of your cheque or postal order. A receipt will only be provided on request. All postal payments should be sent to:

The Director of Finance
Wandsworth Council
PO Box 18
London SW18 2PB

About Housing benefit overpayment

An overpayment happens when you are paid Housing Benefit that you are not entitled to. An overpayment can occur for various reasons, such as:

  • You have given us the wrong information.
  • You have not told us about a change in circumstances.
  • You have delayed telling us about a change in circumstances.

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