Changes in your circumstances

What you must tell us about

Your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction is calculated using the information you give us about your income, savings, household and the rent you pay.

If any of these details change you must tell us.

Complete a Change in Circumstances form online.

You must tell us about any changes in your circumstance that you think will affect your housing benefit and/or council tax reduction, such as:

  • Changes to your income, wages or savings
  • Changes to your tax credits
  • Changes to your pension
  • Changes to other people's income living in your home
  • Someone else moves into your property
  • You have a change of address. Please complete the Change of Address form if your move is within the borough.
  • Your children leaving school or starting work
  • Birth of a child
  • Changes to the amount of rent you pay (unless you are a council tenant)

These are examples only. If you are unsure about whether or not you need to report a particular change, please contact us for advice.

When to tell us

You must tell us straight away. You may lose benefit if you do not tell us within one month for Housing Benefit and within 21 days for Council Tax Reduction. If the change in circumstances means you have been overpaid benefit you will have to pay it back.

If you receive Pension Guaranteed Credit

You must tell the Pension Service about any changes in your income. You must still tell us about any changes to your rent liability or composition of your household.

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