How to use this website

Top menu

On the top of every page, you can:

  • sign into your account(s)
  • report, apply or make a payment
  • view our news and maps
Top menu on desktop

On desktop, the top menu is in the header

On a mobile or tablet, select the menu icon to show the menu items

On a mobile or tablet, select the menu icon to show the menu items


Type a keyword or phrase into the search box. It will show a list of suggestions once you start typing. Select a suggestion if you find the one you want.

Or select the "Search" button for full search results.

Homepage search on a desktop

Search box is top right on a desktop.

Search box on mobile

Select the menu icon on a mobile or tablet to access search

Complete a task

Common tasks are under "I want to…".

Select "Make a payment" to see what you can pay for. Select "Report and apply" to see what you can report, and what you can apply for. These two options are under "I want to…" tasks.

Tasks are below the carousel in the middle column on a desktop.

Accordian for mobile

Tasks are below the carousel on a mobile or tablet. Scroll down for "Make a payment" and "Report and apply" buttons.

Browse by topic

On the homepage, go to the "browse by topic" menu to find a topic.

The main topics are bold and there are a few sub-topics beneath these.

On our other web pages, the main topics show under the "Services" menu.

On a desktop, “Browse by topic” and “Services” are the left navigation.

On a mobile, “Browse by topic” and “Services” are towards the bottom, just above the footer.

News, events and jobs

View our headline stories on our picture carousel.

News, events and jobs on a desktop

On a desktop, the news story carousel is in the middle column of our homepage. Our latest news, events and jobs are in our Twitter feed on the right of the homepage.

On a mobile, the Twitter feed is below the common tasks.

A-Z of servicesServices menu

View our A-Z if you want to find contact details for all of our other services.

The A-Z is at the bottom of the "Browse by topics" and "Services".

Comments, compliments or suggestions

Send us your feedback about the website.

For enquiries regarding services, contact the team directly. View our A-Z for contact details.


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