Access to records

Who can search records

Although by law the registers are not open to public inspection, certificates of entries are available to anyone who can provide sufficient information to trace a registered entry.

However, if you do not have sufficient information, you may, by prior appointment, carry out a general search of the indices which list by name the entries for each year, in the hope of finding reference to the entry you are seeking. Our staff will give you every guidance and assistance possible.

Searching records

If you are calling in person, our reception staff will issue you with an application form as soon as you arrive, and give advice on its completion, if required. We will then commence a search for the entry.

Provided you have supplied us with sufficient information to trace the entry, you should be supplied with your copy certificate within 30 minutes.

We will let you know if it is not possible to trace your entry within that time. We will post the copy certificate to you if you are unable to wait.

The General Register Office

You may choose to order and pay for a certificate directly from the General Register Office.