Sustainable travel

Greener vehicles

Save money with alternatively-fuelled vehicles

An increasing number of borough residents and businesses are considering using greener vehicles to reduce carbon emissions in the borough. If you have an alternatively fuelled vehicle, you may qualify for a reduced price parking permit. Visit the parking section to find out about criteria and how to apply.

There are also exemptions to the London Congestion Charge for drivers of specified vehicles which run on cleaner fuels (Transport for London website).

Electric vehicles

We are aware of a growing demand for electric vehicles in particular, and have secured funding from Transport for London for a pilot scheme offering the public the opportunity to charge vehicles off-street.

Find out more about our Electric Vehicle Pilot Scheme: Think Green - Drive Electric.

Please note that until public charging points become sufficiently widespread, electric vehicles are more suitable for those residents and businesses with suitable private off-street parking spaces from which charging can take place.  We don't permit charging cables to be run across the pavement between houses and vehicles parked on street, as this would be a hazard to pedestrians.

For residents who use on street parking, other cleaner fuelled vehicle options - including hybrid electric-petrol or electric-diesel cars - are therefore more suitable.

While the use of cleaner vehicles is supported, it must be remembered that these still contribute to congestion. Consider walking, cycling or using public transport whenever you can.

Find out further information on electrical vehicle charging scheme and locations of charging points in the borough.

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