Getting active, staying healthy

Fun ways to get fit


  • Photo of a PE teacher teaching basketball to studentsWalk faster than usual
  • Run the last 100 metres to the school gate
  • Celebrate your birthday by inviting your friends and doing something active such as a playing five-a-side football
  • Challenge your parents to see who can do the most press-ups, dance the longest or walk the most steps in a set time
  • Deliberately pick days out where you know you've got to walk quite a lot, such as going to the zoo
  • If you've got a garden, ask your parents for your own little area where you can plant, feed and weed the flowers and vegetables you like
  • Get off the bus one stop early and walk the last bit


  • Push the stroller a little faster than normal
  • Teach your child your favourite sport
  • Learn yoga with your children
  • Take the stairs rather than the lift or escalator
  • Park further away in the supermarket car park so you have to walk further to the store
  • Build and fly a kite with your children 
  • Learn to juggle and then teach your children
  • Go back to basics and play the games of your childhood with your children - hide and seek, hopscotch, catch
  • Set aside a part of the garden that's for games and play only so there's no worry about damaging the flowers or the lawn
  • Sometimes take the dog for a jog rather than a walk
  • Teach your children your favourite dance
  • Get an allotment - you can grow your own food so saving money and getting better produce; get exercise at the same time and get your children to help.

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