Register a youth club

How to register a youth club

Youth clubs need to meet the following criteria. If you think you don't yet meet them all, we can help you do this.

  • The group or club has a name, address and premises to work from
  • The group/club works mainly with young people aged 11 - 19 (and up to 25 if they have disabilities) who live in Wandsworth
  • The group/club is open access
  • The group has clear aims and purposes which are in line with the Core Values that Underpin Youth Work (see Appendix One)
  • The group follows the Wandsworth Youth Work Core Curriculum Areas (see Appendix Two)
  • The group/club is working towards equal opportunities
  • All paid staff and volunteers who work directly with YP have a satisfactory DBS check, no more than three years old
  • There is a written policy around child protection and safeguarding. We will want to see a copy of this.  
  • All staff/volunteers are aware of this policy and their responsibilities for keeping children safe and they know what to do if they are concerned about a child or young person
  • The group has or is interested in developing a constitution with a chair, secretary and treasurer
  • There are systems in place for regularly checking health and safety of premises
  • There are systems in place for assessing other risks associated with activities run on the premises, or off the premises including trips or residentials (group sleepovers in out of bound centres)
  • The group has relevant insurance - public liability and, where appropriate, employer liability
  • There are clear and efficient financial systems in place showing where any subscriptions or other income goes and how it is spent
  • The group is happy to be contacted by the Council's Family Information Service which publicises services and activities for children and families through its website and telephone desk
  • The group is happy to be visited by the Youth Work Service twice a year with a formal review once a year
  • The group is happy to complete a 'service level agreement' with the Council's Youth Work Service when any services are delivered jointly or the group receives Council staffing.

To register

Interested groups or clubs should first check their eligibility with a youth work officer and then complete an application form to be returned to:

Council's Youth Office
Room 254A
Town Hall
SW18 2PU

We will then arrange for a member of staff to visit you and go through the registration form and criteria. If there are aspects of the criteria that you need help to meet, we will support you with this.

Once the criteria are met, the group will be registered with our Youth Work Service and added to our mailing list.


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