Fun and fitness

How does the programme work?

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Central to the programme is a six-week unit of work that will be delivered by teachers with the support of School Sport Co-ordinator's (SSC0s) and coaching staff from the Sports Development Team (SDT). We suggest that SSCOs and SDT staff lead sessions on alternate weeks so that teachers deliver three of the six sessions. This will ensure that the programme is sustainable.

Resource pack

We have designed an easy to use resource pack containing practical ideas and resources to support teachers promoting healthy living to their children.  Teachers should work through the pack provided.


Each child will receive a personal 'Passport to Fitness' to record their scores and ideas surrounding the Fun and Fitness programme.

Our message

"Keeping fit is fun and helps you to stay healthy. Children should be active for 30-60 minutes everyday. Walking to school, running, cycling, skipping, dancing and swimming are all great ways to keep fit. So is taking part in PE lessons and playing their favourite sports like football, tennis and netball."