Wandsworth Young Person of the Year Award

The Young Person of the Year Award honours young people in Wandsworth who deserve recognition for their achievement, courage, generous attitude or ability to overcome difficult personal circumstances.

The award happens every spring with certificates, trophies and prizes presented by the Mayor of Wandsworth at a special dinner in the Civic Suite.

Wandsworth Young Person of the Year is run by the Trustees and Wandsworth Council with sponsorship from The Keen Group, The Wandsworth Group of Rotary Clubs and Wandsworth Community Safety Trust. 

How to qualify

To qualify, you must be:

  • Under 19 (from 1 September 2017)
  • Living or studying in Wandsworth Borough.

What awards are there?

There are three different awards:

  1. The individual awards
  2. Group award
  3. Grant funding

The individual award

This award is worth up to £500 and is given for:

  1. Outstanding achievement in education, sports or the arts
  2. Making a major contribution to your school or local community
  3. Overcoming difficulties or setbacks
  4. Contribution to community safety

One overall winner is chosen by the Trustees to be the "Wandsworth Young Person of The Year".

Group award

This award is up to £100, for young people who have carried out voluntary work.

Grant funding

This award is up to £500, to help a young person or a group build on existing achievement and reach their next goal. 

How to nominate 

The Award is closed for this year. Calls for nominations for the Award for 2018 will open in Autumn 2017.

Previous winners

Highlights of the 2012 awards ceremony