Selling to the Council

Conditions of Contract

The Council has produced a library of standard documentation for its use. The various tender documentation includes a preamble, instructions to tenderers and the terms and conditions.

The preamble includes a brief description of what the contract is for, the timetable and the award criteria. The instructions for tenderers are exactly what the description implies save that it also includes details of the Council's requirements for contractors to be considered for invitation to submit a quotation or tender.

Example documentation

Examples of the main sets of documentation are available below for you to view and consider bearing in mind that these documents are tailored to suit the needs of the individual procurement exercise.

The Blue Collar contract documentation and White Collar contract documentation are for contracts for services in excess of £100,000 in total. The total value of a contract is generally calculated by multiplying the annual sum by the number of years of the contract including any contract extension. 

The Framework Documentation is used by the Council when it is looking to appoint a number of contractors to provide the same service such as Homecare for the Elderly. It allows the Council to 'call off' services at the contract price in a number of lots but without having to tender each specific lot.

For contracts for supplies and services costing £100,000 or less the Council has quotation documentation that recognises that the risk involved in such contracts is less than larger value contracts and is consequently less demanding, enabling 'smaller' sized providers to be able to compete effectively without potentially incurring significant legal expenses.

The ICT market is different from most other markets and the Council recognises this and in order to contract effectively with that market has produced a specific set of ICT tender documentation.

Where only the voluntary sector are providers, the Council has produced specific contract documentation that seeks to reduce the potential legal resource required to submit a quotation or tender. The Council has moved from grant funding voluntary organisations to formally contract with them, although there are still cases where there are single voluntary sector providers. Where a contract is awarded to a single voluntary sector provider the Council's terms and conditions include annual inflation indexing at RPIX -1% and 20% of the annual sum is linked to successful achievement of performance targets. It has adopted this policy to replace the lack of competition. The voluntary sector documentation.

Lower value Purchase Orders

For lower value goods and services, the Council's Purchase Order will contain the terms and conditions.