Selling to the Council

Contract Evaluation/Shortlisting

Evaluation of tenders will be directly linked to the shortlisting/contract award criteria specified within the original advert and/or within the tender documents.

Under the lowest price criterion, it will be essential to ensure that the contract price (either a fixed price or linked to a Bill of Quantities) can be clearly determined from the tender documentation.  Any ancillary costs likely to be incurred by the contractor will be included so that the tender price is comprehensive and complete. 

If it is necessary to take into account costs (including "whole-life" costs) which the Council will incur directly as a consequence of a particular tender, then the lowest price criterion will not generally be appropriate (unless it is possible to define all of the Council's costs and include them in the pricing schedule) and the tender will normally be evaluated using the most economically advantageous criterion. 

Under no circumstances may a tender be evaluated on issues other than those listed within the advertisement or tender documents.