Selling to the Council

The Council’s Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

It is the usual practice of the Council to use a two stage tendering process, whereby the Council requires all potential suppliers that express an interest in submitting a quotation or tender for a Council contract to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). The responses contained within this document and the responses obtained from referees are used by the Council to compile a shortlist of those suppliers whom it will invite to submit a quotation or tender.

The pre-qualification questionnaire is divided into three sections (view example PQQ).

View an example PQQ.

Section A requires you to provide background information about your organisation.

Section B requires you to provide evidence that you satisfy the Council's pre-requisites to be considered for invitation to tender and includes a number of pass/fail questions including insurance levels, history of the organisation and its key employees, its audited accounts, and both equalities and health and safety policies. Any items where the Council at its sole discretion considers that you do not meet its requirements will preclude your organisation from being invited to tender.

Section C requires you to provide reference sites that match as closely as possible the goods, works or services to be provided under contract. Referees will be asked to provide information about your performance. These responses will be ranked by the Council and the relevant number of organisations will be invited to submit a quotation or tender, provided that they continue to express an interest to do so.