Selling to the Council

How we advertise contract opportunities

We use a Central Government contracts portal to advertise our contract opportunities. This is a free service for business and enables organisations to register and receive email alerts whenever an appropriate opportunity is advertised.

Where the anticipated value of the contract equal or exceeds the EU procurement thresholds (including aggregation requirements), notices are placed in the Official Journal of the European Union (Tender Direct website) and appropriate forms of media.

Tenders are also advertised on our website and through Delta eSourcing

Evaluation of tenders is directly linked to the shortlisting/contract award criteria specified within the original advert and/or within the tender documents. Under no circumstances may a tender be evaluated on issues other than those listed within the advertisement or tender documents.

For construction works we use Constructionline for all projects up to £1.5 million and for construction related consultants where the likely cost will not exceed the EU limit for Services of £181,302.

Where the anticipated expenditure is likely to exceed these financial thresholds, we will formally advertise for expressions of interest. 

Constructionline is the UK's register of pre-qualified local and national construction and construction-related contractors and consultants.