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Source London electric car charging scheme

About Source London 
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Source London is a convenient and highly accessible network of charging points located across the capital and a way of charging your electric vehicle whilst you're going about your daily business.

Any vehicle that is licensed with the DVLA as a pure electric or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle can join the scheme. This includes motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks and scooters.

Charging points 

The publicly accessible charge points are located at supermarkets, on the street, London Underground car parks and car parks all over London.

Customers will need to register with Source London, pay an annual fee and receive a card in the post which will unlock any of the Source London charge points. Charging prices can be found in the below table.

Source London charges
Membership type  Application or subscription fee  Charge when using new smart charge points  Minimum session 

Overnight cap (from 8pm to 7am) 

Full membership £4 monthly subscription fee (12 months) 3.6p per minute 20 minutes £8.64 
Flexi membership £10 one off application fee 5.9p per minute 20 minutes £14.16 

Council charging points

Phase one charging points are now operational for use by Source London members within the borough. 

These electric vehicle charging points allow electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicle in a dedicated space.

The charging points can only be used with an electronic swipe card to activate them. These cards are distributed through membership of the scheme. 

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