Garratt Lane development, SW18


We agreed the principle of a comprehensive development of land around

  • Garratt Lane
  • Swaffield Road
  • Atheldene Road 

We are committed to ensuring a high quality development and agreed a number of high level principles to ensure this.

The principles

  • Provide a new character and identity to Garratt Lane with a new frontage.
  • Repair Atheldene Road as a coherent residential street, echoing the traditional terraced housing typical of the area.
  • Coherent development of the land between Garratt Lane and Atheldene Road exploiting the opportunity to provide green spaces, whether for school play or residential gardens.
  • The formation of a new pedestrian link between Wilna Road and Atheldene Road to allow a connection through to Garratt Lane, providing the opportunity to develop the Sherwood Lodge site.

To help guide the final form of any development we prepared a concept scheme.

December 2015

A formal agreement was finalised with the NHS for us to replace the Brocklebank medical centre with a bigger community healthcare facility and GP practice.

Under the terms of the agreement we will arrange for the new medical centre to be built on land on the corner of Swaffield Road and Garratt Lane. The agreement completes a wider investment scheme in this part of the borough that will see at least another 160 homes built on council-owned 'brownfield' sites.

The area has already seen the delivery of Floreat Academy - a new 420 pupil primary school - plus a nursery for 50 local children.

The future

We expect to appoint a preferred developer in summer 2016, with a planning application to be submitted in early 2017 and work starting on site later in the year.