Nursery schools

Applying for places in Wandsworth Council (maintained) nursery schools

There are 50 primary schools and three nursery schools that provide free nursery education. Every nursery has a maximum number of places.

Find a maintained nursery.

Step 1 Collecting information

Find out as much information as possible about the schools before applying for a place, by

Step 2 Making informed decisions

Consider if your child likely to get a place at a particular school.

If there are more applications than places, schools will use its admissions criteria to decide which children should be offered places. You must:

  • Read the admissions criteria for community and foundation schools and the school prospectus for voluntary aided (faith) schools.
  • Apply to several schools, unless you are certain of getting a place in your preferred school.

Step 3 Applying for places

How to apply

Contact the schools for an application form - each school has its own form, and may also be found on schools' websites. Fill in the form, make a photocopy of it for yourself, and return it to the school.

When to apply

Return your form by the second Friday in February.

Late applications

Late applications will not be considered until after the first offer of places in March. Your child's name will be put on the waiting list depending on the admissions criteria if the school is full.

Applying to more than one school

Apply to as many schools as you wish and at least one school near to your home, as some schools give priority to those living nearest to schools. There are no guarantees that a place will be found very close to where you live.

Brothers and sisters

If your child has a brother or sister attending the school you must still complete an application form and state this on the form.

Acute medical or personal need

If your child has an acute medical or personal need for a place at a particular school, you must tick the box on the application form and provide professionally supported evidence (for example, a doctor's letter) with your application.

How your address affects your application

Your address must be your permanent address on the closing date for applications. If you change your address you should tell the school immediately.

A childcare address can only be considered for a nursery place if your child has an acute medical or personal need for a place at a particular school. A childcare address will not be accepted for a reception place in the following year.

Addresses outside Wandsworth

You can apply for a part-time place in a Wandsworth nursery class or school. Priority will be given to children of the same age who live in Wandsworth.

Schools outside Wandsworth

You may apply for a nursery place in a school in another borough, but the age when children start may be different.

Step 4 Being offered a place

Each school will consider all the applications received by the closing date.

Schools will allocate up to its maximum number of places to the children with the highest priority under the admissions criteria.

The schools will write to you by the end of March with a decision.

What to do when you are offered a place

Confirm in writing that you accept a place for your child within 7 days.

If more than one school offers a place, accept the one you prefer and tell the other school(s) that you no longer want a place.

What to do if you are not offered a place at any school

Tell the schools you want your child's name to stay on their waiting list, in case a place becomes available.

Contact the Family Information Service (FIS) for advice on 020 8871 7899.

Waiting lists

Children not offered places can be put on the waiting list. The list will be kept in the school's order of priority. The school will offer the place to the child at the top of the list if a vacancy comes up.

Late applications are also inserted into the list in order of priority.