Ceremony venues

Your choice

Our weddings and civil partnerships are memorable and distinctive because we give the couples real choices so they have the ceremony that reflects their style and choice. It's your ceremony, not ours, you decide!

You decide where to have the ceremony. We offer a choice of attractive and unusual locations. You also decide on the kind of ceremony that you want. We will attend the venues detailed here both weekdays and weekends.

We always remember that it's your ceremony and that you should be the ones to decide the type of ceremony for your big day. For most couples the ceremony is the occasion for family and friends to witness their exchange of vows and commitment to each other. We provide the opportunities to fully involve family and friends in the ceremony. You can introduce the traditional "giving away of the bride" and presentation of the rings. We provide examples of special readings that guests can read out at the ceremony and therefore feel involved. Alternatively, you can always provide your own readings that are particularly meaningful to you as a couple.

Our rooms

All our rooms have sound systems incorporated so that you can have the music of your choice. You can select from our extensive range of CD's/tapes or provide your own. Whether it is classical, rock, folk or heavy metal it's your choice.


Live streaming enables your family and friends to view your ceremony wherever they may be.

Photos and video

We do not restrict you to having photographs or video recording until after the ceremony. We want you to have memories of the occasion that captures the emotions and joy of the ceremony as they emerge.

All the venues listed in this booklet are committed to providing you with the same choices that are available in the register office.

Your ceremony

Wedding and civil partnership ceremonies are important and sincere occasions and will always be conducted tastefully by our staff. But this doesn't mean that they have to be dull, soulless and boring. They can and should be enjoyable.

The most effective way of achieving this is to put you, the couple, in the driving seat and let you design a ceremony that is meaningful to you. It really does then become "your ceremony".