Commitment ceremonies


A Commitment ceremony is a very special way for couples to celebrate their commitment to each other. It is an opportunity to affirm your commitment to each other and to sharing your lives - being the most important person in the other's life. Ceremonies can be private affairs when the couple choose to make vows to each other in the presence of a celebrant or you may wish to include your family and friends in a public declaration of your intention to share your lives. Your own personally designed ceremony presented by our experienced celebrants will make the occasion really a day to remember.

A Commitment ceremony is available for:

  • Adult heterosexual or same sex couples.
  • Couples who do not wish to make any legal status changes in their lives, not wishing to enter into marriage or civil partnership.
  • Couples who have no legal relationship responsibilities.

Things you should know about our commitment ceremonies

  • A ceremony can be held whenever you wish to mark a right of passage in your relationship into a lifelong commitment to each other.
  • The ceremony will last about 20 minutes - a little longer or a little less depending on your choices.
  • To design your unique and personal occasion we will arrange an appointment for you to meet a celebrant. We will then build around the particular choices you make to make a ceremony for your special occasion.
  • We offer ceremonies on most days at most times. For ceremonies at our venues you should talk to the managers about suitable times and dates then ring the Register Office to confirm the availability of a celebrant.
  • Ceremonies at the Town Hall are available when the building is open.
  • You will receive a special certificate commemorating the ceremony. There is a choice of certificate styles and you may purchase extra certificates for a small fee - they make a lovely momento of the day.
  • The ceremony has no legal status and the commemorative certificate cannot be used for identity purposes.
  • Fees range from £75 to £150 depending on date and place.

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