Civil partnerships

A partnership formation takes effect when the couple sign to register their partnership in the presence of two witnesses and a registration officer. They must:

  • Both have lived in England or Wales for at least seven days
  • Give notice of their intention to form a civil partnership by attending their local register office

After at least the 15 day waiting period the registration of the partnership can take place.

The formation can take place in any local authority at Register Offices and premises approved for civil partnership and marriage.

Give notice

  • The couple must be of the same sex, over 18 years (or provide evidence of consent of parent(s) or guardian if 16 to 18 years), not related to each other within the prohibited degrees of relationship and not in an existing marriage or civil partnership. They must also have lived concurrently for at least 7 days in the area where notice is being given.
  • You must have decided on the venue for your civil partnership formation before you attend to give your notice.
  • Evidence must be produced for identity and nationality - a current passport is best for this and some proof of residence- council tax or utility bill recently dated.
  • Proof of the ending of any former marriage or civil partnership will also be required.

If you are subject to immigration control

For anyone subject to immigration control, the situation has now changed.

  • You will both need to attend a designated register office if one or both are subject to immigration control.
  • You will need documents that prove your nationality and identity - passports ideally but is your responsibility to provide sufficient evidence. 
  • If you are a foreign national and do not have a passport you may have a National ID card or a Home Office travel document.
  • You will need to provide proof of residence - if it is a utility bill it will need to be recently dated.
  • If neither of you live in Wandsworth you will need to make an appointment to give notice.

Conversion of a civil partnership to marriage

From 10 December 2014 couples in a civil partnership can convert to a marriage at the register office.

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