World Wide Ceremonies

About our streaming ceremonies

Your friends and families living abroad can watch your special day and share in your celebrations. Live streaming allows them to watch your ceremony as it happens and to listen to you take your vows.

At the end of the ceremony you will be able to deliver your own personal message to your viewers no matter where in the world they are.

The webcast will enhance your experience of the beautiful art deco Town Hall where your ceremony is scripted to your individual choices. Our virtual tour shows you the beautiful rooms where you can hold your ceremonies, each decorated in keeping with an art deco theme.

And to ensure your memories never fade a podcast is also available, easily downloadable so that you can keep a permanent record of your special day.

If you would like your ceremony streamed you will need to book and pay in advance.

Podcast help

The podcast can be viewed only on mobile devices that play MP4 format files and on your PC in quicktime.

Download Flash player.