Library services

Join a library

Find a library branch near you and register to join a library.

You will need to provide your name, address and contact details.

You will also need to make up a 4 number PIN - you use this to access online services.

Collect your library card

Collect your library card from the library branch you registered with.

When you're collecting your library card you will need to bring proof of name and address, such as:

  • a driving licence,
  • child benefit book, or
  • utility bill.

Library fees

There are no charges for borrowing books as long as they are returned or renewed before the due date. Unless you have an exemption, there are fees for:

  • borrowing recorded music
  • talking books
  • language courses
  • videos, and
  • DVDs

Library charges may vary across the borough. Find your local library on the Better Libraries website to see your borrowing charges.

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