Land and premises

Land charges search

We provide solicitors, conveyancers and their clients with information specific to the land or property which they are interested in acquiring. This information is obtained by them submitting local search forms to us together and the relevant fee.

A local search consists of two parts:

  1. Restrictions on the property which are binding on successive owners, for example Financial Charges, Tree Preservation Orders and Enforcement Notices.
  2. Replies to enquiries on a nationally agreed form giving information of a more general nature. These include highway proposals, planning history and other planning related matters and outstanding notices.

Much of this information is supplied to the Local Land Charges Service by other council departments, the Government and outside bodies.

Land registry information

We do not hold a register of land ownership, this is held by the Land Registry.

For more information,

Commons and drainage searches

Commons searches

Commons searches are answered by the submission of optional enquiry 22, on the CON 29O optional enquiries of local authority (2007 form). 

Drainage searches

For your drainage searches on properties in the borough you will need to apply directly to:

Thames Water Property Insight
PO Box 3189
SL1 422
DX: 151280 Slough 13