Cemeteries and crematorium

About cremations and burials


  • A cremator accepts one coffin at a time and all the remains are removed from the cremator before the next cremation. Cremated remains are kept separate.
  • The cremation is usually carried out shortly after the service. But, when a service takes place late in the day or a limited number of services are booked, the cremation may take place within 72 hours. If this happens, the person who has applied for cremation will be told. The benefits of this include a reduced impact on the environment as less fossil fuel is consumed and the efficient use of machinery and equipment is achieved.
  • The service may take place at your own place of worship with a short committal service in the crematorium chapel, or the whole service may be at the crematorium chapel. Or, you may prefer a civil ceremony, or no service at all.
  • Up to four relatives can witness the committal of the coffin to the cremation at Putney Vale. Let us know if you wish to witness this at the time of booking the service.
  • The coffin is cremated with the body. The coffin or container with the body inside will not be opened or disturbed, other than in exceptional circumstances, and then only with the permission, and in the presence of, the person who has applied for cremation (usually the executor or next of kin).


  • Wandsworth's cemeteries offer a choice of lawn and traditional graves. Mausolea are available at Putney Vale.
  • Full memorials are only allowed on traditional graves. Lawn-style memorials are only allowed on lawn graves. If you want a larger, more traditional type of memorial, don't choose a lawn grave.
  • When you buy a new grave, you are not buying the ownership of the land, you are buying the rights to have burials take place in that grave. Contact us about the choices and options available.