Register a death

You are legally required to register a death and the Register Office must be notified of the death within five days unless the Coroner is conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding it

The death must be registered in the registration district in which it took place. If the death occurred in the Wandsworth district, then you should register the death at the Wandsworth Register Office.

Registering a death at St George's hospital

It is now possible to register a death at St George's hospital, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if the death occurred there.  In order to use this service please speak to the Bereavement Officer at St George's who will then arrange an appointment with the registrar. We are unable to offer this service currently.

Registering a death elsewhere

If it is not convenient to come to the Wandsworth Register Office then you can go to any register office in England and Wales to provide the particulars required for registration. That register office will forward the details to us and we will register the death.

People normally try to register a death as soon as possible in order to complete the formalities and make the funeral arrangements. Providing your details to another register office can slow the whole proccess down significantly as we have to wait for all the particulars to reach us before we can complete the registration. We then have to post the registration documents to you.

To minimise delay in registering a death it is always advisable, where possible, to register the death in the registration district in which it occurred.