Business premises

Complete our enquiry form for information about managed workspace or premises in Wandsworth.

Council owned properties

Wandsworth Council contract out the management of any commercial or business premises which it owns to

Messrs Lambert Smith Hampton
United Kingdom House
180 Oxford Street

Non-council owned properties

Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce

Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce has contacts with commercial estate agents who may be able to help.

If you are looking to establish a business in a new premises or to regenerate or restructure an existing premises it may be helpful to contact our Planning Department regarding permitted use, change of use or any structural alterations.

The Land Registry

The Land Registry will tell you who owns a site. Costs are approximately £3 by credit card.

Or you can call Wandsworth Planning Policy Department and view their online resources, including our Local Plan (formerly the Local Development Framework).

Managed workspace

In some cases it may be preferable for businesses to trade from managed workspace as this can avoid the capital costs of acquiring a long lease on a high street premises.

Workspace Group

Workspace Group PLC
Chester House
Kennington Park
1-3 Brixton Road

Contact your town centre manager

Wandsworth's Town Centres and how to contact Town Centre Managers

Nine Elms on the South Bank

For opportunities at Nine Elms on the South Bank contact the, Nine Elms Programme

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