Employment and business statistics

Economic Profile - Businesses in the Borough

Company size and business survival

Small firms, employing less than 10 employees, make up almost 93% of the businesses in Wandsworth. The equivalent figure for London and Great Britain is approximately 89%.

ONS Business demography data for 2009-2011 shows an increase of 26.5% in the rate of new business births in Wandsworth, compared to 21.39% in London and 11% in Great Britain. The count of business deaths in Wandsworth in the same period has decreased by 43.2%. 

The count of active enterprises in this data set was 15,270 in 2009, 15,175 in 2010 and 15,475 in 2011, representing a 1.2% increase overall, and compared to an increase of 0.13 in Great Britain - although growth in London's active enterprises was reportedly higher increasing by around 4.45% during the same period. In 2009 and 2010 Wandsworth had the highest 1 and 2 year percent business survival rate in Inner London.

Employment by Broad Industry Group 

In 2010 the broad industry groups employing the largest numbers in Wandsworth were health, professional scientific and technical, education, public administration and retail industries. The Health, Retail and Education industry groups in Wandsworth employ a higher proportional percentage of employees (38.5%) than is reported for London (26.5%) or GB (33.4%) figures. There are also a significant number of media and creative companies based in Wandsworth.

The Local Futures Group has reported the proportion of employment in hotels and restaurants in Wandsworth to be 7.51%. This places Wandsworth in the top 40% of districts nationally on this measure. This compares with 9.66% in London Central, 7.2% in London and a national average of 6.82%.

Culture and market place

According to the 2012 Local Futures Place Profile, Wandsworth is ranked 9 out of 408 districts on the Local Futures business and enterprise score, indicating an enterprise culture that performs in the top 20% of districts nationally. The business density of Wandsworth is high by national standards, with 63.45 businesses per 1000 head of population. By comparison, the London Central score is 98.15 and the national average is 50.61.

A high, and growing, population has created a strong leisure market, creating good demand for all the associated amenities and entertainment, such as restaurants, transport and communications, and other services. More statistics have been released from the UK 2011 Census, following initial results last summer which showed that a rise in the birthrate and an increase in net migration gave Wandsworth the fourth largest population increase in London over the last ten years.

The recent Local Futures Place Profile looked in more detail at Wandsworth's amenities and found that Wandsworth is placed in the top 20% of districts nationally for:

  • the number of cultural amenities per 000 sq. m (2851.07 in Wandsworth, compared to 2133.32 in London and 100 nationally)
  • the number of national heritage sites per 000 sq. m (58.82 in Wandsworth, compared to a London average of 147.58 and a national average of 65.37)
  • the number of listed buildings per 000 sq. m (17.76 in Wandsworth, compared to a London average of 24.38 and a national average of 6.82%)
  • the amount of retail floorspace in 000 sq.m. (501 in Wandsworth and 16082 in London).