Building control

Report a dangerous structure

A dangerous structure can be anything from a loose slate to a collapsing building.

Report a dangerous structure on 020 8871 8034.

Your call is confidential and we will not pass on your personal information to anyone else.

Please provide:

  • the exact location
  • a description of the problem

What happens next?

We will investigate all reports, and:

  • will assess the situation and see if our contractors remove the danger.
  • can serve a dangerous structure notice that requires the owner to remove the danger.
  • if a structure is defective, but not immediately dangerous, we will contact the owner and give them a time limit to fix it.
  • if the building needs emergency work the owner will, where possible, hire a contractor.


All of our costs are charged to the owner of the building. We will send an invoice which will include the total cost of the work carried out and a breakdown showing time spent and materials used.

We would recommend that owners contact their insurers as soon as possible once they are aware of a problem.