Building control

How to make an application

To apply, you can either:

Which type of application is required?

There are two methods of applying for approval of building projects.

Building notice

For domestic alterations and extensions you can submit a Building Notice giving brief details of your proposals. This should be submitted 48 hours before the work starts together with the legal fee and any drawings and details.

Full plans

Alternatively if you wish to obtain formal approval for domestic works before the work begins you can submit a Full Plans application. Decisions can take up to five weeks but are usually given much sooner.

Once you have received Full Plans approval you can submit a Commencement Notice 48 hours before the work starts. We then inspect the work on site. Works to shops, offices, factories, hotels and boarding houses must be made by the Full Plans route so that we can consult the Fire Brigade to ensure that adequate Fire Precautions measures are provided.

Building Notice applications

When to start work after on submission

If you submit a Building Notice you can start work on site 24 hours after the Notice is submitted as opposed to the legal eriod of 48 hours. However, the correct fee must accompany your Notice.

Providing building notice by email

We will accept this form as a Building Notice provided that you pay the required Statutory Building Control Fees within seven days.

You can do this by credit card as part of the online service, or for email applications over the phone, posting the fee to us or bringing it to our One Stop Counter.

    Full Plans applications


    We set our fees locally within a framework set by the Government. We aim for our fees to be fair and set at a level to cover our costs.

    What to submit

      When making a Full Plans application you should enclose the appropriate fee together with two copies of the drawings and if appropriate, structural calculations, giving full details of your proposals.

      What happens when we receive your application

      We will acknowledge your application within five days, letting you know if for any reason it is incomplete and we will give you the name of the officer dealing with your project.

      When you will hear from us

      Although the normal legal limit for dealing with your Full Plans application is five weeks we will give you a decision within two weeks if your work is purely domestic. We will deal with all other applications within the time limits set out in the legislation.

      Rejected applications

      We will only reject your application if it shows major contraventions of the Building Regulations. Wherever possible we will approve it, if necessary with conditions where we need additional information or if minor changes are needed.

      If you or your agent disagree with our decision you have the right to appeal to the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.