Building control

Advice and guidance

Appointing a builder or agent

If you appoint a builder or agent we will deal directly with them, saving you time and effort by resolving problems quickly and efficiently.

Whether or not you appoint your own agent, architect, engineer or surveyor we will offer impartial advice and guidance on your project. We cannot act as your own private surveyor but we will nevertheless give informal comments on proposed work and, drawing on many years of experience, we may be able to suggest more economical ways of achieving the same objective. If necessary we will make a preliminary site visit before you make a formal application.

Building Control advice

If you would like to arrange a meeting with a particular surveyor to discuss a more complex project, please phone 020 8871 7620 to arrange an appointment.

Approved inspectors

The Government has introduced legislation to allow private Approved Inspectors to check work requiring Building Regulation approval as an alternative to gaining approval from Local Authorities.

View a list of approved inspectors on the Construction Industry Council (CIC). The CIC's telephone number is 020 7399 7400.