Building control

Building regulations and notifiable work

The Building Regulations cover a wide range of building work from major office, shop and residential developments to small domestic works like extensions, through lounges and loft conversions.

Approved Documents offer guidance on how to comply with the regulations and cover the following aspects of construction:

  • Part A - Structures
  • Part B - Fire
  • Part C - Damproofing
  • Part D - Toxic Substances
  • Part E - Soundproofing
  • Part F - Ventilation
  • Part G - Waste Disposal
  • Part H - Drainage
  • Part J - Heating
  • Part K - Stairs and Guarding
  • Part L - Heat Loss
  • Part M - Disabled Access
  • Part N - Safety Glazing
  • Part P - Electrical Safety

Part P came into effect on 1 January 2005 and covers the installation of new electrical circuits.

Examples of the application of Part P

Part P applies to electrical installations in buildings or parts of buildings comprising:

  • Dwelling houses and flats;
  • Dwellings and business premises that have a common supply - for example shops and public houses with a flat above;
  • Common access areas in blocks of flats such as corridors and staircases;
  • Shared amenities of blocks of flats such as laundries and gymnasiums.

Part P applies also to parts of the above electrical installations:

  • In or on land associated with the buildings - for example Part P applies to fixed lighting and
  • Pond pumps in gardens;
  • In outbuildings such as sheds, detached garages and greenhouses.

This means that new electrical installations carried out either on their own or as part of, for example, a loft conversion or extension need to be certified by a qualified person. The certificate is then sent to us for our records.

If you cannot do this you will need to notify us so that we can inspect the work.

Notifiable work

Most "Building Work" comes under our control. This includes things like new buildings, extensions and loft conversions as well as new roofs and through lounges.

Alterations to factories, shops and offices also need our approval under the Full Plans procedure.

If you have any doubts about the work you are planning to do you should consult us first. We can offer expert advice at the design stage which could well save you time and money.

The main notifiable work

  • New buildings
  • Loft conversions
  • Extensions
  • Through lounges
  • Chimney breast removals
  • Roofing
  • Drainage
  • Electrical work