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Tenants in arrears

There are a range of existing safeguards in place to protect the interests of landlords and their agents under the Local Housing Allowance scheme. We must make payment directly to the landlord or their agent where a tenant is eight weeks or more in arrears with their rent and that it is in the interest of the claimant (tenant) to do so.

Under the LHA scheme we also have the discretion to pay the landlord or agent directly if we consider that it is in the interest of the claimant to do so and that:

  • the claimant is 'likely to have difficulties managing their financial affairs'


  • it is unlikely that the claimant will pay their rent

When reaching a decision on making direct payments under any of these provisions, we also have to consider if the landlord or agent is 'a fit and proper person' to receive direct payments.

Do you need to tell us about a tenant in arrears? See Contact the Benefits service for how to inform us.

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