Benefit appeals

Council Tax Reduction appeals

Making an appeal

If you feel that our decision is wrong, write to us including the reasons why you disagree and we will look at our decision again. We will write to you confirming we have either changed our decision or the reasons why we feel it is correct.

If you still feel our decision is wrong or we have not sent you a response within 2 months, then you can appeal against our decision by emailing the Valuation Tribunal Service giving details of your claim and why you think the decision is wrong.

To make an appeal, write to

Wandsworth Council
The Benefits Service
PO Box 500
SW18 2PN

When you cannot appeal

You cannot appeal against decisions involving a rule that is laid out in the council's reduction scheme. For example, some claimants cannot receive more reduction than 70% of their council tax liability.

An appeal made against a decision that you cannot appeal against is known as out of jurisdiction, and cannot be considered. The Valuation Tribunal will tell you if they consider your appeal to be out of jurisdiction.

The Tribunal cannot hear appeals about the contents of our scheme, only the way the scheme has been applied to your individual case.

You must continue to pay your Council Tax while awaiting the result of an appeal hearing.

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